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From Woodchuck <>
Subject [SOLVED] Re: how to debug jsp compilation error in Tomcat 5.5 ?
Date Fri, 17 Jun 2005 15:18:17 GMT
--- Rahul P Akolkar <> wrote:

> Woodchuck <> wrote on 06/17/2005 09:38:52 AM:
> > hi Rahul,
> > 
> > sorry somehow i missed seeing your response until now..
> The lists have been slow. Please do not send multiple copies :-)

i also noticed there seems to be multiple copies of my original post. 
i do not know why, i only sent once.  but at the time i e-mailed, i
know the mailing list was experiencing some issues and i have seen
other ppl's posts multiplied many times as well all happening around
the same time period.  

the jakarta mailing lists have been flaky ever since it had lots of
problems a few weeks ago.... since then it has not been the same and
sometimes i still receive a message saying my post did not go through
because my e-mail address is not subscribed to the list -- but this
message comes *after* my message is successfully posted to the list!

it seems it is still not working 100%

> > > Make sure <c:choose> contains no non-whitespace text, outside of
> > > child 
> > > <c:when> and <c:otherwise> elements.
> > 
> > ok, i will definitely check this right now.  what about
> comments?...
> > can comments such as <%-- my comment blah blah --%> exist outside
> the
> > <c:when> and <c:otherwise> elements (within <c:choose>)?
> That is fine. You shouldn't have HTML / XML style comments (thats
> part of 
> template text).

aha!  just as you stated, i found HTML tags sitting within <c:choose>
but outside of <c:when> and <c:otherwise>

well, i guess this was ok in Struts 1.1 but not anymore in Struts 1.2.7
(or is this an unintentional change?)

thanks, Rahul, and everyone that tried to help! :)


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