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From Helios Alonso <>
Subject Re: Looping with paramValues
Date Mon, 13 Sep 2004 15:27:56 GMT
The items in the params collection are Entries (java.util.Map.Entry I 
think).  So you can access two properties at each entry:  key and value.

You can do (changing paramValues to entry for clarity):

><c:forEach var='params' items='${entry}'>
>   <c:if test="${entry.key == 'test1'>
>     <c:out value="${entry.value}"/>
>   </c:if>

At 10:50 13/09/2004 +0100, you wrote:
>Closest I've got in my extant code is something like this:
><c:forEach var='params' items='${paramValues}'>
>   <c:if test="${params.key == 'test1'>
>     <c:out value="${params.value[0]}"/>
>   </c:if>
>Nic Werner wrote:
>>    Is there a '.key' accessor for paramValues? Basically I only want to 
>> access the variables that match a certain index and do comparison work 
>> with them....
>>      I'm familiar with accessing data using paramValues.var_name[index], 
>> and I'm familiar with looping through params with only one value:
>><c:forEach items="${param}" var="params" varStatus="status">
>>    <c:out value="${params.key} -- ${params.value}"/><BR>
>>    </c:forEach>
>>The problem with paramValues is that I have to specify a variable name, 
>>while params lets me use '.key'.
>>Thanks for your help,
>>- Nic
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