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From TJK <>
Subject Re: Strust + Tiles + JSTL = ERROR
Date Tue, 13 May 2003 14:36:30 GMT

Are you using Tomcat?  I just found out from the tomcat-dev list that 
the jsp spec doesn't allow the use of tags in includes .. i.e. a tag 
opened in one file cannot be closed in another.

I'd been developing on Resin for a long time, (which allowed this 
behavior), but when I just tested it on a Tomcat install, I got errors 
similar to this (amongst others).  I really can't believe that the jsp 
spec doesnt allow including tags!


On Tuesday, May 13, 2003, at 10:30 AM, Brian Buckley wrote:

> I experienced the same problem.  It is caused by having a taglib 
> declaration
> in a JSP more than once (perhaps the result of using include files).
> It appears that the struts tags permit multiple taglib declarations in 
> JSPs
> while the JSTL tags do not.
> I wonder if the JSP spec addresses this.  Are tags supposed to act like
> struts or like JSTL in this regard?
> -Brian
> I solve my situation by reorganizing my JSPs so the none have multiple
> taglib declarations.  Doing so wasn't completely trivial for me :(
>> I am building a site using struts and tiles and recently I decided to
>> use JSTL as there was some tags i though would be useful. Now I get 
>> some
>> strange error on some pages where i include my taglibs. Ther error is
>> null: org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: Attribute "xmlns:html" was 
>> already
>> specified for element "jsp:root".
>> The 'html' is just the prefix of the jakarta html taglib that was
>> defined before jstl. If I have a different order of taglibs then the
>> first one causes the error. I do not have any JSTL tags in this page
>> however but when i remove the taglib definition the error goes away.
>> any ideas?
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