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From Michael Duffy <>
Subject Re: Soapbox designs Was: missing if/else syntax (What about catch?)
Date Sat, 10 May 2003 16:08:28 GMT
I think you misunderstand me.  Not multipart file
posts, just a form with more than one submit button. 
Entirely possible with HTML.  

And I don't mean validation, I'm talking about a
single page spawning more than one possible action:
"if this button is pressed, do this; if that button is
pressed, do that".

Probably not worth more discussion.  I will try the
ideas presented in this thread.  Thanks!

--- "Mark R. Diggory" <>
> Michael Duffy wrote:
> >In my app I'm finding the one form rule applies,
> but
> >one submit does not.  Every page has at least an
> >OK/Cancel kind of thing that sends me in either of
> two
> >directions.  
> >
> >I'm also using several page that might be called as
> >"move dual list", where users can add/remove one or
> >more elements from one text area to another. 
> (You've
> >seen them.  A Google search turned up the name for
> the
> >control that's stuck for me.)  THAT'S got six
> submits,
> >one each for Add/Add All/Remove/Remove All and two
> >more for OK/Cancel.
> >
> >What about situations where you have multiple
> <select>
> >tags where the contents of one depend on the item
> >selected in another?  That's where things get
> >complicated.
> >
> The Validate taglibrary is strictly concerned with
> the request 
> parameters in http GET and POST (not multipart file
> posts). It doesn't 
> provide any Javascript based client side form
> validation behavior. Its 
> relatively simplistic, I don't have any "complex"
> testing going on, a 
> request parameter is either absent from the request,
> empty (name without 
> value) or the value can be matched against a regular
> expression. I 
> mostly use it to do simplistic validation/descision
> making about the 
> incoming request.
> The validate and required tags act as "containers".
> If a "container tag" 
> finds that the value it requires  is missing from
> the request it sets a 
> flag announcing its state, if_valid, if_absent,
> if_empty tags inside the 
> required tag detect this flag and act appropriately.
> For the "validate" 
> Container tag to be valid, it is the case that all
> its child "required" 
> tags need be valid, otherwise its state is empty or
> absent, depending on 
> its childrens state.
> If I had more time to develop it, I might add such
> features as 
> Javascript Validation on the client side and
> Multipart Post 
> capabilities. It is strictly a simplified tool for
> incoming request 
> validation, I specifically wanted to create
> something that could "wrap 
> around" normal html form tags ( not replace them,
> like struts does) so 
> that the page could still be manipulated and
> rendered in editors like 
> Dreamweaver without heavyduty plug-ins or
> extensions.
> I've got a Javascript basedDual Listbox page that I
> use for allowing 
> multiple selection add and removals back and forth
> between 2 lists of 
> values. It actually uses two separate forms with
> thier own submit 
> buttons and two Validation Sections to accomplish
> capturing the correct 
> request.
> -Mark
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