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From Henri Yandell <>
Subject RE: Non Java Developers, programmers using JSTL and taglibs
Date Tue, 04 Feb 2003 18:36:12 GMT

On Tue, 4 Feb 2003, Jerome Jacobsen wrote:

> What does Javadoc document?  Java.  I think it is too much to ask most page
> designers to understand JavaBeans which means understanding Java types
> (primitive, wrappers, Collections, Maps).  And then they'd need to
> understand this Expression Language and its type conversion/coercion rules.

I like this statement. What it shows is that there is no standard way in
which the Java developers can document the parts of a system that are
availble for the JSP designer.

There ought to be some way in which I can tell the JSP designer that on
these pages, they have this variable, which has these sub-variables. ie)

All pages except for login.jsp have a "user" variable which has
"", "user.role" [for use with the contains tag] and
"user.birthday", which is a Date.

I'd define a sub-type of Java's types:

Text, Number, Date, Variable.

Variable's have Sub-variables. These are of the type of one of the above.
I'd also need to define MultiVariable.

Certain JSTL tags [and custom tags, and Jakarta tags] may be used with
certain JSP-types.

So the problem is not so much JSTL, as that people are teaching JSTL and
JSP as some form of Java and not as a completely new language/concept.
With a standard way in which to Java and JSP people can communicate, and a
new set of concepts with which JSP designers can understand JSP without
being aware of the Java underneath, things would be a lot easier I think.


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