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From "" <>
Subject looping/ iterating over a collection ina a collection
Date Fri, 07 Feb 2003 00:06:30 GMT
for some reason i am unable to loop over a collection in a coolection for

i have a class with a field called "basket"
which is a collection of "Items" which contains a field called "contents".

for some reason i am unable to access the the contents in Item

with the follwing code:

<c:out value=${sessionScope.Cart.basket[0].content[0].name} />


<c:forEach items="${sessionScope.Cart.basket}" var=i >
  <c:forEach items="${sessionScope.Cart.basket[i].contents}" var="x">
    <c:out value="${}"/>

i hope this make sense but the bottomline is iam trying to access a
collection  in a collection and i cant seem to be able to do it

thank you 

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