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From Glenn Nielsen <>
Subject Re: Non Java Developers, programmers using JSTL and taglibs
Date Wed, 05 Feb 2003 13:14:06 GMT
Pierre Delisle wrote:
> Also, I'd be very interested in hearing about the type of
> environment you work in for the development of dynamic
> web applications. That should help us understand as a community
> the usage profiles and their bias :-)
> Thanks,
>     -- Pierre

All of the discussion so far on this topic has made the assumption
that those using this technology are part of a development team.
A team that may include graphic designers, web designers, programmers,
dba's, and architects where design concepts like MVC can be implemented.
This assumption holds up for the most part for businesses which use
this technology for web enabling the enterprise.

For our own inhouse development we follow this model also, although
our team is very small (3-4 people), and most of the team can fulfill
multiple roles.

My organization provides email and web site hosting for non profit organizations
and schools. The types of organizations which can't afford to hire a development
team or hire expensive consultants to design complex applications.  But these
customers often have a need to add some sort of simple dynamic content to their
web sites.  Generally those who maintain these web sites are not programmers.
A better term to describe them would be page authors.  Technologies such as
JSP pages with custom tags, especially the Standard Taglib, can lower the
technology barrier to a point where some adventurous page authors can invest
the time to learn enough about these technologies to create simple applications
which adds dynamic content to their web site.



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