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From Carlos Barroso <>
Subject Problem using scripting variable from <xtags:variable.../>...
Date Thu, 05 Sep 2002 12:08:50 GMT
Hy guys.
I'm having a problem trying to use the scripting variable created by the
<xtags:variable ... /> tag.
The code below is a simple "if" that tests the parameter "menu" passed to
the JSP is "null". If it is, I try to get the first 
OBJECT element under the APPLICATION element with the attribute value of
"managment". Here's a snippet from 
my XML document:

  <APPLICATION name='managment'>
    <OBJECT name='obj1'/>
    <OBJECT name='obj2'/>

"permissions" is a variable of type "String" that contains a XML document
like the one above.
Here's the code:

  if(request.getParameter("menu") == null) {
  	<xtags:variable id="aux" context="<% permissions %>"
	response.sendRedirect("managment.jsp?menu=" + aux);

Every time I execute this code, the "aux" variable is allways empty!? Why? I
don't understand...
Can someone help me please.

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