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From peter lin <>
Subject Re: incorporating EL support
Date Thu, 12 Sep 2002 16:14:11 GMT

You should know that JSP2.0 includes EL built in.  the early access
implementation of JSP2.0 uses JSTL's el.

You may want to look at the draft spec to familiarize yourself with the
changes that will occur when JSP2.0 is released. 

peter lin

Craig Longman wrote:
> hi there,
> i'm just starting out with jsp/taglibs, and have decided to focus on
> using the jstl as the basis for my efforts.  it seems to provide exactly
> what i needed, some basic, compatible tags to get started.
> it is clear, however, that i'm going to have to write my own tags to get
> any serious work done.
> my question is this,  i figure that if i'm going to standardize on the
> jstl, then it only makes sense to standardize on the EL stuff also, i
> prefer its style to the scriplet thingies, and its less typing.  but,
> i'm wondering what the preferred/recommended method is for doing this.
> i see in the src dist for the reference jstl that there are a couple of
> classes that look promising to use.  one is an interface
> (ExpressionEvaluator) and then an implementing class
> (ExpressionEvaluatorManager).  using it appears to be as simple as this
> (from tag/el/core/
>   if( begin_ != null )
>   {
>     Object r = ExpressionEvaluatorManager.evaluate(
>                   "begin", begin_, Integer.class, this, pageContext );
>     if (r == null)
>     {
>       throw new NullAttributeException("forEach", "begin");
>     }
>     begin = ((Integer) r).intValue();
>     validateBegin();
>   }
> it is acceptable to utilize this class in this manner for custom tags?
> or is there a better/standard way.  i have been unable to find any docs
> that talk about using the standard EL in your own tags, but if anyone
> has any pointers, i would greatly appreciate it.
> thanks,
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