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From "stf" <>
Subject URGENT!: dbTags drains ConnectionPool!!!
Date Fri, 16 Nov 2001 09:15:21 GMT
Hi folks ,

i post this once again, as i have heard noone replying and i have a
*serious* problem with connection-pooling and dbtags: We are using dbtags on
Weblogic Server 6.1.  We use a DataSource, that in turn uses a

After a day or two, we get an Internal Server Error on pages that use
dbtags, caused by an Exception that says "No Ressources available" - the
reason for this is that the connection pool is exhausted.

It seems to me, that there is a possible constellation in which the
<sql:close connection="conn" /> is not called (I suspect this happens when
the user cancels the loading of the page) - is there a way to make sure that
the close is called?! Do I have to wrap all tags manually in a

Alas, this bug makes the taglibrary unusable for any production enviroment -
we cannot restart the server every one or two days! Any help is highly
appreciated - if this case is not solved, we have to throw out the dbtags
and rewrite huge parts of the appplication!


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