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From Ray Allis <>
Subject Re: Request for expert advice on design
Date Mon, 10 Sep 2001 21:56:25 GMT
James Strachan wrote:
> Hi Ray
> Sorry for the delay getting back - just catching up after vacation.

Not a problem.  I hope you are refreshed and renewed. :)

>>- Eventually, I'd like to do form-based database maintenance.
>>   :-) The Documents are in beans, but how would a setWhatever
>>   work?  The present technique would be to build new or
>>   replacement Documents complete using xtags and insert them
>>   into the db?
> XSLT tends to take the view that you take an existing document and create a
> whole new output document.
> In XTags you can actually amend an existing document iteratively - e.g. find
> all the <foo> elements with certain attribute values using XPath then add or
> delete things. So to do iterative modification to an XML document, you can
> use XTags if you like. Especially if you were doing something like NewsML
> editing, where you just want to (say) edit the title or author's name,
> there's no point creating a whole new document with XSLT just to do
> incremental changes. There's folks doing this kind of thing with XTags today
> (using documents quite like NewsML and XML CMS type stuff)

Is there code I can look at?  Incremental changes are bound to be a
major part of this application, exactly as you describe -- changing
a headline, adding a paragraph, correcting a typo ...

Are there ways to modify an element? Or do I remove it and add a
new one?  I see <xtags:element> will create an element. How to I
indicate where it goes?  The context from select?

Ray Allis

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