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Subject [Bug 62273] Add support for alternate URL specification
Date Thu, 12 Apr 2018 14:17:58 GMT

--- Comment #10 from Mark Thomas <> ---
I've been spending some time looking at URL spec. It appears, from that the browsers consider
any string that passes the URL parser as valid and that the result of that
parsing is passed to the server.

The rules for writing URLs are different but they don;t appear to apply in this
case since if they did, everything we expect to be encoded in a query string
would be encoded.

I've been through the path parsing defined by the URL spec and I
believe it is the same as RFC7230 / RFC3986.

I've also been over the query part of the URL spec and I now believe
there are 8 characters we expect to be encoded that the URL spec
does not. They are:
"[", "]", "\", "^", "`", "{", "|", "}"

I still need to check the authority part.

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