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From Felix Schumacher <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release Apache Tomcat 9.0.0.M26
Date Tue, 08 Aug 2017 16:06:25 GMT

Am 2. August 2017 23:30:23 MESZ schrieb Mark Thomas <>:
>The proposed Apache Tomcat 9.0.0.M26 release is now available for
>This is a milestone release for the 9.0.x branch. It should be
>noted that, as a milestone release:
>- Servlet 4.0 is not finalised
>- The EGs have not started work on JSP 2.4, EL 3.1 or WebSocket 1.2/2.0
>Note that the 9.0.0.M23 and 9.0.0.M24 release votes were cancelled due
>to regressions. The 9.0.0.M25 vote passed but a regression was found
>shortly afterwards.
>The major changes compared to the 9.0.0.M22 release are:
>- Correct a regression in 9.0.0.M22 that prevented Tomcat from shutting
>  down cleanly.
>- Add LoadBalancerDrainingValve, a Valve designed to reduce the amount
>  of time required for a node to drain its authenticated users.
>- When generating JSP runtime error messages that quote the relevant
>  source code, switch from using the results of the JSP page parsing
>  process to using the JSR 045 source map data to identify the correct
>  part of the JSP source from the stack trace. This significantly
> reduces the memory footprint of Jasper in development mode, provides a
>  small performance improvement for error page generation and enables
>  source quotes to continue to be provided after a Tomcat restart.
>- Add support for a Tomcat specific deployment descriptor,
>  /WEB-INF/tomcat-web.xml
>- Add ExtractingRoot, a new WebResourceRoot implementation that
>  JARs to the work directory for improved performance when deploying
>  packed WAR files.
>Along with lots of other bug fixes and improvements.
>For full details, see the changelog:
>It can be obtained from:
>The Maven staging repo is:
>The svn tag is:
>The proposed 9.0.0.M26 release is:
>[ ] Broken - do not release
>[x] Alpha - go ahead and release as 9.0.0.M26


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