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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: Default servlet regressions
Date Wed, 02 Aug 2017 21:01:47 GMT
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On 8/2/17 4:35 PM, Mark Thomas wrote:
> On 02/08/17 21:23, Christopher Schultz wrote:
>> Mark,
>> On 7/31/17 12:16 PM, Mark Thomas wrote:
>>> On 30/07/17 19:04, Mark Thomas wrote:
>>>> All,
>>>> It looks like there is another regression in the Default 
>>>> Servlet.
>>>> While I think I have a patch for this, I'm currently leaning 
>>>> towards doing the following:
>>>> - Announcing the 8.5.19 and 9.0.0.M25 releases with a
>>>> warning about the regression.
>>>> - Reverting the encoding changes in 8.5.x and earlier.
>>> This has been done.
>>>> - Fixing the latest regression for 9.0.0.M26.
>>> This has been done. But...
>>> Thinking about this overnight, I thought of some other
>>> possible edge cases. The result is that I have put together a
>>> greatly expanded set of tests - currently 680 - using
>>> parametrization.
>> You're a machine.
> Nah. I just know how to wrote nested for loops ;)

It's nice to know that the EBCDIC->ShiftJIS conversion is now reliable.

>>> Of these, currently 196 (no that isn't a typo) fail. I'm
>>> currently working my way through them since some failures are
>>> expected (and I need to mark them as such so the tests pass)
>>> but I have found some additional edge cases that need to be
>>> handled.
>> Thanks for all your hard work on this.
> You are welcome. But - to be frank - I broke this in the first
> place. I feel I should be the one to sort it out. I'm just sorry it
> has taken a handful of releases.

It's a better product for it.

I just finally slew a timezone-related issue that was caused by a
vendor stubbornly refusing to provide time zone information in their
JSON-based API calls (a killing offense IMO) except when it IS there
(fun with SimpleDateFormat! Thanks, Sun/Oracle, for not providing a
way to emit/parse ISO-8601 date strings using SimpleDateFormat until
Java 8 and then making the documentation unreadable so you have to
write unit tests just to find out how it works) and the server is
running in yet another time zone (e.g. UTC).

Sometimes stuff just takes a while. What's a few dozen more lines of
plumbing code between friends? :/

- -chris

- --
"If you ever meet me in person, you'll see I'm not such a miserable
bastard as this thread would indicate." -me
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