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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: Had trouble building libtcnative [openssl]
Date Mon, 08 May 2017 18:47:41 GMT
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On 5/8/17 2:23 PM, Christopher Schultz wrote:
> All,
> I'm trying to do a complete test of 8.5.15 (candidate) and I can't 
> seem to build tcnative because of the OpenSSL dependency.
> On my system, I've got OpensSSL 1.0.1t installed globally, but I
> have openssl 1.0.2f installed locally for the purposes of building 
> tcnative. This has worked in the past. When I run configure, it's 
> telling me that I have 1.0.1t available:
> checking for OpenSSL library... using openssl from 
> /usr/${exec_prefix}/lib and /usr/include checking OpenSSL library
> version >= 1.0.2...
> Found   OPENSSL_VERSION_NUMBER 0x1000114f (OpenSSL 1.0.1t  3 May
> 2016) Require OPENSSL_VERSION_NUMBER 0x1000200f or greater (1.0.2) 
> configure: error: Your version of OpenSSL is not compatible with
> this version of tcnative
> If I specify --with-ssl, it's giving me roughly the same behavior:
> checking for OpenSSL library... using openssl from 
> /home/cschultz/projects/apache-tomcat/openssl-1.0.2f/${exec_prefix}/li
> /home/cschultz/projects/apache-tomcat/openssl-1.0.2f/include 
> checking OpenSSL library version >= 1.0.2... configure: error:
> Your version of OpenSSL is not compatible with this version of
> tcnative
> Oddly, it doesn't tell me what my current version actually is.
> In the openssl-1.0.2f directory, I have the expected libssl.*
> files but there was no "lib" directory, so I created a lib/
> directory and symlinked all of the ../libssl.* files into it.
> Running openssl-1.0.2f/apps/openssl version confirms that the 
> command-line app has the proper OpenSSL version, and it's using
> the right version of the shared library (confirmed with ldd). It
> looks like I was missing the symlinks for the libcrypto.* objects.
> Once I added those symlinks, I was able to call configure.
> AFAIK, my openssl-1.0.2f/ local directory is a legitimately-built 
> OpenSSL, but the tcnative build process is looking for things in
> odd places. I realize that 1.0.2f is a bit behind the times (1+
> year old) but has the build process changed that much? Also, what
> about people using these older versions?
> I'm building 1.0.2k from source now to see if any post-build 
> modifications need to made in order for tcnative's build to
> pick-up the libraries, headers, etc. from that version.

A fresh build of 1.0.2k allows tcnative to build out-of-the box with
no alterations. I may go back and try 1.0.2f again just to see... the
openssl build seems not very repeatable.

For example, if I do "./config && make" I won't get any .so files. If
I then run "./config shared && make" the build fails with a
nonsensical error message. Basically, you either have to "make clean"
or just blow-away the local copy and re-build from scratch (which was
what I did) in order to get a working build.

- -chris
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