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Subject [Bug 59832] SLS/TLS 8.5.3 upgrade from 8.0.32 using NIO2 encoding
Date Tue, 12 Jul 2016 20:59:55 GMT

--- Comment #9 from Steve Mekkelsen Madden <> ---
more testing and my last comment about it now working is false.  The prolog
content error is prevalent in each transaction I do even with the two
additional parameters.  What wasn't working on the OPEN of the instance, is
broken when I try to save/update the instance.  So it's confusing that this
works perfectly fine in 8.0.32 using the old style connector parameters, but in
8.5.3 the old style doesn't work and the new tags in it while allows tomcat to
start our application, doesn't allow us to do anything useful.  But the new
format and just changing the protocol to NIO works perfectly.  This is all
confusing how this works - please bear with me while I wrap my head around it.

I do understand and appreciate you're trying to help, believe me.  Are you
looking for a zipped up copy of Tomcat minus our application or the exact
changes I've made in the few xml files so that it could be replicated in-house?
 As a software company, I have to be conscious of security and NDA's for our
application but will provide what I can.  Do you want access (url) to a system
that shows the error including the logfiles?  Just curious how much access
would be needed for help?


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