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Subject [Bug 57129] Regression. Load WEB-INF/lib jarfiles in alphabetical order
Date Wed, 07 Oct 2015 08:36:18 GMT

--- Comment #13 from Joachim Economou <> ---
I understand the argument that an application that depends on Tomcat reading
its jar files alphabetically is broken, however we are talking about a behavior
that has persisted since at least Tomcat 5. It may have been unintentional or
just plain wrong, but there are a lot of projects out there that have come to
depend on it. Moreover it's awfully hard to debug, since most people probably
don't understand that they use that behavior.

I believe that the core problem is that some apps will fail depended on the
underlying file system. If the target is to discourage people having the same
classes in different jars, a warning could be added during classloading
notifying users about that. Still, as Guillaume Smet has already mentioned,
keeping track of them in large projects is not practical.

Even though I am on the fence about matching the behavior of earlier versions,
at the very least it should be mentioned in the migration guide, with the
PreResources workaround.

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