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Subject [Bug 57136] EL Parser escaping dollar sign not ${ or ${...}
Date Wed, 09 Sep 2015 09:28:45 GMT

--- Comment #17 from Mark Thomas <> ---
I think I have found another, related, problem in attribute values.

The problem I described in comment #16 (where I was thinking about template
text) also applies to attribute values. Specifically, consider the following:
<tags:echo echo="16-${'\\$'}" />

Currently, Tomcat applied attribute value escaping to the whole value. This is
not correct. The production in the JSP spec for QuotedChar (which is used in
attribute values) means that attribute escaping only applies outside the EL.
Inside the EL is handled by ELEXpressionBody which delegates to the EL spec.

I am currently extending the EL test cases to take all of this into account
before looking at what fixes are required.

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