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Subject [Bug 57464] Please support for TLS Fallback SCSV
Date Tue, 20 Jan 2015 10:26:56 GMT

Konstantin Kolinko <> changed:

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--- Comment #2 from Konstantin Kolinko <> ---
As far as I am reading this,  the check for presence of TLS_FALLBACK_SCSV
cipher in cipher list provided by client should happen during protocol & cipher
negotiation in TLS/SSL library.

That happens outside of Tomcat control. If the feature is implemented in the
underlying libraries (Java JSSE, OpenSSL) then I think it will be available
automatically, if they would have it "on" by default.

At most Tomcat could provide options to control turning the feature off/on, if
such options are provided by the underlying libraries.

Looking at OpenSSL changelog, this feature is available since 1.0.1j. As far as
I understand, it is "on" by default, and I have not heard of a way to turn it

The following blog post says how to test it:

To clarify: TLS_FALLBACK_SCSV is a generic mechanism to protect from protocol
downgrades. For example it can protect from a TLS 1.2 -> TLS 1.1 downgrade
caused a MITM / unreliable network.

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