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Subject [Bug 56397] Establish parallel Maven-based build process
Date Wed, 01 Oct 2014 14:06:38 GMT

--- Comment #23 from Pierre Viret <> ---
I have seen that the update takes some time but it is difficult for me to say
if this is really an issue or not, as the external definitions are not
committed yet. 

On one hand the update is slower, on the other hand there are advantages with
this approach:
- The file system is correct, we really have the files where they belong to -->
all shell commands working on the source files (find / grep and so on) can be
used without problem.
- we don't need to care about IDE filters and configurations
- we use the standard maven layout and no special configuration regarding
sources is needed: this is a big advantage and could avoid problems with some
- later, if we decide to move from ant to maven then we don't need to change
the maven configurations and processing anymore.

Let's not forget that this is just an experiment and that if, later, the maven
layout is estimated to be a good thing then it would make sense to move the
sources to the corresponding modules and the svn:externals would not be needed

OMHO it makes sense to experiment using this approach as it is cleaner from a
maven point of vue and it seems easyier to implement the build on the maven

So my proposal is to go one with this approach. If the feedback we get from the
community is that the svn update is too slow, then we can always optimize this
in a second step, but at the moment I think it is more important to get a maven
build running. As soon as the svn:externals definitions are committed I will be
able to test the svn updates and maybe I quickly come to your point of vue that
this is too slow ;-)

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