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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Help with back-porting tcnative SSLExt functions from trunk -> 1.1.x branch
Date Fri, 19 Sep 2014 18:20:34 GMT

I'd like some help back-porting the work that went into adding the
SSLExt stuff to tcnative trunk. It was added years ago and not
back-ported into 1.1 and now we have some Tomcat Java code that calls
those missing functions.

See for some

It seems that a number of different ssl-related changes have been made
at various times to either the trunk or the 1.1.x branch or both. Here's
what I've been able to determine based upon what has happened to
native/src/sslnetwork.c (which is the file that conflicts when
attempting to back-port r1240585):

r711821 is where trunk is duplicated to create 1.1.x branch
r802162 and r802231 (trunk) and r802217 (branch) are NOPs
r815411 (trunk) was back-ported as r815415 (branch)
r816698 (trunk) was back-ported as r816696 (branch)
r835322 (trunk) was back-ported as r881179 (branch)
r835335 (trunk) was never back-ported
r980527 (trunk) was back-ported as r927740 (branch)

** Here is where things diverge. The next commit to trunk for
native/src/sslcontext.c is r1240585 which is the one I'm trying to
back-port. Meanwhile, many commits have been made to the branch:

r1409079 (branch) is a NOP
r1409681 (branch) is extensive, and where a change is introduced that
causes conflicts with sslcontext.c in r1240585 (trunk)
r1438344 (branch) is trivial
r1438346 (branch) is trivial
r1442587 (branch) is trivial
r1456353 (branch) is trivial

Now we're up-to-date as far as native/src/sslcontext.c is concerned.

So I'm trying to figure out if the change made at r1409681 should be
forward-ported to the trunk. I believe all the other changes should also
be forward-ported, but I don't know enough about r1409681 to know what
the implications of that change are. Mladen did that commit and the
comment indicates that there was some cleanup and re-alignment with APR.

Can someone offer some insight?


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