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Subject [Bug 56703] "Current number of backend connections" counter ever increasing when timeouts are defined
Date Fri, 15 Aug 2014 09:54:09 GMT

--- Comment #6 from Martin Knoblauch <> ---
Hi Rainer,

 good you double checked. I applied my previous fix to a productive system and
found that while it reduced the growth by 80-90 %, there was still something

 So, I found that [in my case] the remaining cases were happening in
"ajp_connection_tcp_get_message" when the calls to "jk_tcp_socket_recvfull"
were returning JK_SOCKET_EOF. So adding the "connected--" in those places cured
the problem for good.

 I then looked at the remaining case when abort_endpoint was called with
"shutdown == JK_FALSE". That is in "ajp_connection_tcp_send_message" when
"jk_tcp_socket_sendfull" returns an error. So in my opinion "connection--" is
warranted here also.

 But that would mean that commit r1334399 was the wrong fix to the going
negative problem. Hmm...

 Now looking at r1618000, you have decoupled the checks for "valid socket" and
"perform shutdown" in abort_endpoint and decrement the connection counter
regardless of the shutdown setting. That will definitely fix the growth

 But will it also fix the going negative thing? Looking at pre r1334399, a
superfluous decrement could happen when abort_endpoint was called with an
"invalidated" . Do you this could happen?

 Anyway, I will try to test on my high volume setup.


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