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From Konstantin Kolinko <>
Subject Re: ContributorRequest
Date Fri, 07 Feb 2014 19:01:51 GMT
2014-02-07 dahu <>:
> hi
> seems i was wrong asking directly to the owner of the PowerBy page to add my
> product to not poluate this mailing :(

"What did not happen on a mailing list, did not happen at all".

> So, I've build a "personnality check" on a big servlet based on the Exist
> XML DataBase running on a Tomcat. Every day , my servlet collect the data on
> my public webserver, download it and work to generate all the average based
> on 900 000 rows. Then, it push it back on my public webserver. The website
> is in french but, to explain, its not a simple personnality check, it
> "compare" your results with all other, i mean All, over 130 questions. (the
> web :
> So, after month working on my servlet and finally get it work fine, browsing
> regulary the wiki, i saw the PowerBy and wonder now it's finished to mention
> my product on it.
> I saw that the powerby page is a big spammy page. So, understanding that i
> have a good face of spammy guy, i decided to contribute and not just ask a
> contributorGroup  status.
> So, i cleaned the page with this methodology :
> 1- listing all external link with a free tool like
> 2- checking all http header with the php get_headers function()
> => CSV attached with all html headers (no header=timeout)
> 3 - Generating  well MoinMoin formated (using MoinMoin sandbox) url list
> (only header code 200,301,302)

A 301/302 response is a valid response. Where the redirection goes?

> 4 - Cleaning double(triple!) domain  + Keeping all articles, valuable url
> even if same url

What do you mean by triple domain?

The issues that I know might be there:
a) Hosting providers placing their ads in a wrong section
b) Broken links
c) Sites taken over by squatters

Any such links can be thrown away immediately.

> 5 - Removing all logo (because pointing on external url)
> 6 - Copy past all missing text
> 7 - Designing in a list like DMOZ style and automated list numbers syntax
> 8 - Added my product
> 9 - Done. the text file attached is the MoinMoin code of the clean list
> (poweredBy-moinmoin.txt)

Huh.  A lot to review.

For a newcomer (like I was a few years ago), the images are good, they
make the page look better.  For the current me, removing all them
starts sound like a good idea, but I am not convinced yet.

Anyway, a broken image is usually an indication that a site has gone.

> 10 - Enjoy !
>  You just have to verify that all is right and copy/paste the code
> Hope you will appreciate my contribution and give a chance to my work
> Whatever your decision, be aware that it's a real strange page with really
> many outdated links and many keyword optimizations... May be consider to
> just put this page down ? or put all links in "nofollow" ?

The links are generated by MoinMoin. It would be better to make
MoinMoin itself mark them as "nofollow".  It might be even easier to
put "nofollow" into META tag in the head section of the page, or in an
HTTP response header.

> wikiaccount PierreJean


Best regards,
Konstantin Kolinko

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