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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Tomcat Wiki] Update of "PoweredBy" by PierreJean
Date Mon, 10 Feb 2014 15:54:52 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

You have subscribed to a wiki page or wiki category on "Tomcat Wiki" for change notification.

The "PoweredBy" page has been changed by PierreJean:

Step 2 : back some timeout url, clean subpage optimized in description - see details in dev-mailing

  == 1. Sites / Systems / Applications With Associated Publications ==
  This section contains cases that publicly described their Tomcat experience or installation.
+  1. [[|AppFuse]] : Raible Designs'
AppFuse runs best on Tomcat. They wrote [[|an
interesting post]] comparing standards-compliance and performance on Tomcat and other containers.
   1. [[|Bonhams]]: Bonhams is an auction house founded in 1793, running
Tomcat and other open-source software as detailed in [[|this
article]] from [[|CIO Magazine]].
   1. [[|CardinalHealth]]: CardinalHealth as documented by Sue Hildreth
in [[|this article]].
   1. [[|]]: as documented by Eugene Ciurana on [[|TheServerSide]].
   1. [[|The Weather Channel]]: and a nice [[,10801,92583,00.html|article]]
from Computer World on their shift from proprietary to open source.
+  1. [[|E*Trade]] : - a financial services company,
  == 2. Other Known Sites / Systems / Applications ==
  This section contains cases added by users without further external information, or found
on the [[|Tomcat mailing lists]].
+  1. [[|AS-ComTec IT Service]] : Tomcat Hosting , Telefonanlagen
& DSL Zugänge Server Solution and more in Germany Frankfurt - Offenbach - Darmstadt 
   1. [[|3ware]]: is a software house specialized in web based application.
[[|g.PRO]] is our framework based on pure HTML5/CSS3
standards for the client side and on Java/J2EE for the server side, proudly running on Tomcat
application server.
   1. [[|AccesStream]]: is an open-source Identity and Access Management
-  1. [[|Agendize]]: is a platform that offers conversion & communication
tools such as [[|Click to Call]], [[|Live
Chat]] and [[|Online Appointment Booking]] that
can easily be added to any website. Agendize has powered over 20,000,000 customer interactions
and the application runs on Tomcat.
+  1. [[|Agendize]]: is a platform that offers conversion & communication
tools such as Click to Call, Live Chat and Online Appointment Booking that can easily be added
to any website. Agendize has powered over 20,000,000 customer interactions and the application
runs on Tomcat.
   1. [[|agileBase]]:  is an open source, commercially hosted/supported
platform for building lean, agile business software.
   1. [[|Agility Bug Tracker]]: from The Agile Edge.
-  1. [[|Airsoft PX]]:  is an e-commerce site that sells airsoft guns
such as the Classic Army m15a4 carbine.
   1. [[|Alfresco]]: is an open-source enterprise content
management system.
   1. [[|]]:  is the largest German-speaking Android
community and secondary Android App Store and [[|]]
one of the largest worldwide with about 1.5 million page views per day handled by Tomcat 6.0.
   1. [[|Astradyne Systems]]: A front for a crime family? ;)
@@ -40, +41 @@

   1. [[|]]: The statistics servers for this massively-scaled shopping
web crawler: [[|Read About
   1. [[|Bergen Jersey Foreclosures]]: The most popular
site for free NJ foreclosure listings has been powered by Tomcat for years since it was first
   1. [[|Bildergalerie]]:  is a German site providing free
hosting of Picture Galleries, developed by two students. It uses Apache Tomcat 7.
-  1. [[|BlogScope]]:  is a search and analysis tool for blogosphere.
Developed as research project at U of Toronto, built upon many open source applications including
Tomcat. [[|Read more about it]].
   1. [[|Borneosoft]]: Easy-to-use Web-based CRM with Form Builder
and Admin Tools.
   1. [[|BreakBIT]]: Fairwizard - an integrated enterprise management
system for Fair and Exhibitions.
   1. [[|Jakarta Cactus]]:  A test framework for unit testing
server-side java code.
@@ -54, +54 @@

   1. [[|Cofax]]: Content Object Factory
   1. [[|Colorado HomeFinder]]:  is the most popular real estate
website in Colorado, delivering millions of page views each month through a custom high performance
Tomcat/Struts solution that allows users to search and browse real estate listings in Denver,
Boulder, Fort Collins, and all across the Colorado front range.
   1. [[|Colorado Home Helper]]: is a Premier Colorado Real
estate site run out of Boulder and Broomfield. The site runs a complex property database and
mapping system using Tomcat and other open source programs.
-  1. [[|Common Clan Portal]]: uses Tomcat, and has a [[|configuration
guide]] as well.
-  1. [[|Compiere]]: is an open-source Enterprise
Resource Planning (ERP) software package.
   1. [[|Delta Virtual Airlines]]:  is the world's largest virtual
airline, with over 2,200 members. This is a group of flight simulation enthusiasts using Microsoft
Flight Simulator to fly the current and historic routes of Delta Air Lines.
   1. [[|Demeures]]:  runs Tomcat for it's classified ads system.
   1. [[|]]: Spanish law page, the biggest ebook publisher,
Law content provider and eLaw firm in Spain.
   1. [[|Diecast]]: Stockists of all major diecast brands.
+  1. [[|DSpace]] is an open-source repository for research materials.
It is installed in numerous places, including [[|MIT]] and the European
University Institute. Detailed installation instructions are available. 
   1. [[|DURAMENTAL Glutathion]]: runs on Tomcat and is realized with
JSP-Pages. The Backend is a client solution based on swing - a complete Java-App! It was implemented
by the TYPO3- and Magento-Agency "björn hahnefeld IT"
   1. [[|]]: is a UK based internet retailer
of home appliances and merchandise. Started in early 2001, it provides a low price guarantee
along with free shipping in the UK and aims establish itself as the premier destination for
electric home goods in Europe. It currently uses Tomcat for is online store.
   1. [[|Employee Benefits Institute of America]]: -
@@ -70, +69 @@

   1. [[|]]: Connects producers of agricultural
goods with consumers.
   1. [[|Farmer Guy Hams and Gammons]]: is a small web site offering
home made hams and gammons for the christmas season, we only have a small jsp order form on
tomcat but it works really well. Many thanks to the Tomcat team.
   1. [[|]]: use Tomcat for the database
process of result.
+  1. [[|Fluency]] is a dynamic user interface builder that uses
Tomcat for its infrastructure. 
   1. [[|F.W.Davison & Co.]]:  develops payroll and human resource
software, including HRPyramid Web Edition which is an employee and manager web self-services
software built on Tomcat.
   1. [[|Frankfurt IT-Service]]: offers on site support
& IT services.
+  1. [[|The Grasshopper]] : Developer Zone
web site is an ASP.NET application running on Tomcat using Grasshopper that ports [[|Mono]]
open source .NET framework to Tomcat. 
   1. [[|General Motors]]: One of the largest car-makers and financers in
the world.
   1. [[|Hotels and Accommodation]]: is an Australian
accommodation site. The website utilizes a hotel database system using Tomcat.
+  1. [[|Homegevity]] is a National Real Estate and Rental site.
The site runs a complex property database system using Tomcat. 
   1. [[|HubSpot]]: is an inbound marketing system to help your small
or medium sized business get found on the Internet by the right prospects and convert more
of them into leads and customers for maximum marketing ROI.
   1. [[|]]:  is a pharmacy finder aimed to the
central european market.
   1. [[|IMS Neptune]]:  is a powerful Java-based content management system
built on Tomcat and PostgreSQL.
-  1. [[|Institute for Tourism and Geographic Information Systems]]: A
consulting company; all of our projects are built on Tomcat.
   1. [[|IPHOTEL Hospedagem de Sites]]:  Brazilian Webhosting Company.
   1. [[|iPoint Portal]]: iPoint Portal is an Open Source Collaborative
Portal which is compatible with JSR168 and runs on Tomcat.
   1. [[|ilaclama]]:  uses Tomcat for own production systems
and development services.
   1. [[|itanum]]: delivers all Content Management solutions and Web
business applications on Tomcat.
   1. [[|Jakarta Slide]]: is an open-source content
repository that can serve as the basis for a content management system.
-  1. [[|Jasig uPortal]]: also has a configuration guide.
+  1. [[|Jasig uPortal]]: also has a [[|configuration
   1. [[|]]: A friendly place for Java Greenhorns.
   1. [[|JBoss]]: -
   1. [[|]]: is an employment site for job searches, posting
jobs, posting resumes, and career tools. This MVC site uses Struts and Velocity on Tomcat
to render its view.
@@ -99, +100 @@

   1. [[|MyOtherDrive]]: an Online Backup and File Sharing provider,
runs on Apache Tomcat.
   1. [[|myWMS]]: is an open-source Warehouse Management System using a
variety of tools including Tomcat.
   1. [[|]]: some nice open source projects! (SMS Gateway /
PDF Split / ...)
-  1. [[|]]:  is an all new B2C trading platform in
Australia using the Web2.0 concept.
   1. [[|]]:  An Australian ISP portal with multiple
brandings serving over 20 million page impressions per month.
   1. [[|]]:  Simple, Safe Photo Sharing
   1. [[|]]: PC Gesund is the leading remote support computer
helpdesk in Germany.
@@ -111, +111 @@

   1. [[|RedEndo BMX]]: Online Opt-in advertising BMX Journal
   1. [[|The ResCarta Foundation]]: Community Standards through Collaborative
   1. [[|The Sakai Project]]: building a collaboration and learning
environment for higher education.
-  1. [[|Indian Web Hosting]]: Servers offer Dedicated Web Hosting
in India supporting Apache Tomcat.
   1. [[|Service-Repository]]: Registry of public SOAP Web
Services and dynamic client UI
   1. [[|Shoppingkaiser]]: Global Searchsite for currently expiring
eBay Auctions. Based on a nosql lucene database.
   1. [[|Specto Design, Inc.]] : delivers all ecommerce solutions
and financial applications on Tomcat.
   1. [[|springsource]] : Enterprise Ready Server™ (ERS) is the
most comprehensive and widely distributed solution for Apache Web and Tomcat Application Server
management. ERS provides better performance and security and improves service quality, reliability
and scalability by uniquely enhancing Apache and Tomcat for enterprise use while reducing
the costs and complexity of sophisticated Web infrastructures. Includes multiple versions
of Apache Tomcat. To download go to
-  1. [[|]]:  is an online investment
community and hosts a very active discussion forum where investors discuss the hottest topics
on the Nigerian Stock Market. Our Nigerian Stock Prices list runs Spring + Hibernate on Tomcat.
Our Nigerian company reports wiki is the open source JAMwiki application powered by by Tomcat
   1. [[|STRABAG SE - BRVZ Gmbh IT]]: BRVZ Gmbh IT is the IT service
provider of the Strabag Societas Europea building company. A lot of internal services are
running on 150+ Tomcat instances.
   1. [[|]]: uses Tomcat for their [[|leaseeagle]]
   1. [[|Tixeo]]: uses Tomcat for their [[|WorkSpace3D]]
products, solutions for web conferencing, video conferencing, desktop sharing and realtime
collaborative work in 3D.
@@ -125, +123 @@

   1. [[|TravPro]]: a web booking client for tour operators
runs on Tomcat.
   1. [[|Trentisa]]: a leading consultant and software company specialized
in IBM and JAVA solutions.
   1. [[|TrycksaksTorget]]: webbased print solutions.
+  1. [[|VirtualPairProgrammers]] - power their E-Commerce
operation on Tomcat. 
   1. [[|Voicent Communications]]: Voicent uses Tomcat to Power: Call
Center Software, IVR, and Auto dialer, as well as many other titles.
   1. [[|]]:
is an E-Commerce site.
   1. [[|WebShots]]: A large online photo service site
@@ -158, +157 @@

   1. [[|Java Hoster]]: Hosting provider fully dedicated to Java/J2EE
hosting located in France with support to Tomcat 6.0.
   1. [[|Affordable, Automated and Rock-solid Java Hosting]]: Cheap
Java and JSP hosting company with its own JVM and application server control panel JVMCP.
All versions of Tomcat and all versions of JDK supported.
   1. [[|KingHost - Hospedagem de Sites]]: KingHost - Hospedagem
de Sites provides webhosting with JSP/Servlets support using Tomcat 5.0, 5.5 and 6.0.
+  1. [[|LocaData]] - Hospedagem de Sites provides webhosting with
JSP/Servlets support using Tomcat 5.0, 5.5 and 6.0. 
   1. [[|]]: - Australia's first
and largest Java hosting provider
   1. [[|Hospedagem de Sites]]: Hospedagem de Sites provides webhosting
with JSP/Servlets support using Tomcat 5.0, 5.5 and 6.0.
   1. [[|MIVITEC GmbH - ISP from Germany / Munich]]: MIVITEC GmbH - ISP
from Germany / Munich - One of the leading business hosting providers in Germany, uses Tomcat
and Tomcat clusters for client's sites, CMS systems like OpenCMS and Magnolia etc.
@@ -175, +175 @@

   1. [[| UK Tomcat Web Hosting]]:
UK Tomcat Web Hosting - provides Tomcat Web Hosting on our Linux and Windows servers in UK.
   1. [[| US based Tomcat Web Hosting]]:
US based Tomcat Web Hosting - provides Tomcat Web Hosting on our Linux and Windows servers
in US datacenter.
   1. [[|Starhost - Hospedagem de Sites]]: Starhost - Hospedagem
de Sites Brazilian webhost provides JSP/Servlets support using Tomcat 5.0, 5.5 and 6.0.
-  1. [[|]]: Steadfast Networks - Steadfast uses Tomcat
as a part of the software options powering their cloud hosting services.
   1. [[|Hospedagem de Sites STUDIOSERVER]]: Hospedagem de Sites
STUDIOSERVER provides webhosting with support to JSP/Servlets by using Tomcat.
   1. [[|hospedagem de sites]]: hospedagem de sites Hospedagem
de sites - TeHospedo.
+  1. [[|Ubiquity Linux Hosting]] - Ubiquity uses Tomcat to
power numerous sites subscribing to their Linux hosting, as well as parts of their own site.

   1. [[|WebAppCabaret]]: WebAppCabaret is the oldest JAVA Web
hosting provider. Features include one-click installation of many versions of Tomcat.
   1. [[|WebHostUK LTD]]:  "UK Web Hosting" WebHostUK LTD - Proud
to be Apache Tomcat UK Web Hosting provider.
   1. [[http://www.Webhost.US.Com/|Web Hosting US]]:  "US Web Hosting" Web Hosting US - Proud
to be one of the best Apache Tomcat US Web Hosting provider.

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