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Subject [Bug 54596] Relative path functionality truncates last character of configuration parameters preventing connector from working.
Date Fri, 31 Jan 2014 16:44:51 GMT

--- Comment #1 from John Palmer <> ---
I found the same issue, didn't find this bug, adding comment to help others
find it:
on a Windows Server 2008 R2 system with IIS 7.5,
When using the properties FILE rather than Registry entires to configure the
connector, and attempting to access a JSP or non-JSP error, the browser gives a
HTTP 500 error.

The System Event shows two relevant entries in the Application Log:

Application Log
Source: IIS-W3SVC-WP. Error 2214
The HTTP Filter DLL E:\Program Files\Apache Software
Foundation\Jakarta\isapi_redirect.dll failed to load.  The data is the error.

Source: IIS-W3SVC-WP. Error 2268
Could not load all ISAPI filters for site 'GDSCNOLA'.  Therefore site startup

The root cause appears to be that the code drops the last character of the 
file names pulled from the file, including the log
file name generated by this.
This is indicated in the log file generated and CONFIRMED using Process
Monitor... which showed failure messages attempting to find these files with
the missing last character.
Don't know if this happens for the 32-bit connector or not.
Tried appending a space at the end of those lines with file names, did not
help. Nor did enclosing in double-quotes (the parsed file name then started
with a double-quote).
Using the Registry for these settings worked fine.

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