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From Konstantin Kolinko <>
Subject Re: Git
Date Tue, 21 Jan 2014 12:42:05 GMT
2014/1/21 Mark Thomas <>:
> I've been using Git more and more for Tomcat development and was
> wondering what folks thought about moving Tomcat to git. This isn't a
> formal proposal or a vote, I'm just trying to gather some views.
> On the plus side:
> - it is much easier to have multiple issues in progress at the
>   same time and switch between them
> - being able to work off-line but still commit is a huge benefit
>   when working on a complex issue and you don't have internet
>   access
> - merging between branches (assuming all supported branches were in a
>   single repo) is simpler
> Neutral
> - we would need to agree some simple guidelines for how we used git
> - tooling seems equivalent to that available for svn (at for what I
>   use anyway)

Regarding the tools:

1. In my experience it was harder to review history of some project
hosted on github than one using subversion.

(Using only web tools such as viewvc  log & annotate pages).

It is more to the nature of git itself,  as the recommended "Feature
branches" approach makes so that most of merges to master branch are
collections of several other commits at elsewhere. It is harder to
review the tree.

2. Buildbot uses subversion revision number as identifier (when
building and when publishing logs).

3. We have references to revision numbers in our commit messages.

> On the down side:
> - there is much more potential to mess things up
> - cleaning up is potentially more complex
> - the disruption of the move - particularly if we want to move to a
>   single git repo - could be significant

4. IIUC, the current Tomcat6/7/trunk mirrors at github does not comply
to this "single repo" condition?

5. Subversion does not allow deleting files from the past history (a
long wanted 'obliterate' feature).

Git does allow such deletion (so you can mess your history fatally).
Disclaimer: I do not such experience with git, so I cannot assess
whether it is easy to trigger this deletion or easy to prevent it from
administrators' side.

In Jenkins project there was some incident with Git several months ago.

6. Overall, I have some frustration with the direction where Apache
Subversion project itself is going, but I am not brave enough to hop
to Git.

My "vote" is -0.

7. -1 for Maven.

The arguments were stated in old discussions.
My main ones
- I like the single source tree that we have now
- Oliver's project to convert Tomcat build to Maven was not a success

2014/1/21 Rémy Maucherat <>:
>> I still see more cons than pros for moving to Maven.
>> It (mostly) works now and allows behaving better with bigger projects. IMO
> it is unavoidable now.

Spring Framework is a big project, but it uses Gradle, not Maven.

Best regards,
Konstantin Kolinko

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