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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: Code signing trial - volunteers wanted
Date Fri, 20 Dec 2013 03:20:20 GMT

On 12/17/13, 7:24 PM, Mark Thomas wrote:
> The infrastructure team is about to start a trial of a code signing
> service provided by Symantec. Tomcat is going to be the guinea pig for
> this trial. As part of the trial we want to test the mapping of the
> roles in the service to the roles at the ASF. We are therefore looking
> for two volunteers. Both volunteers need to be Tomcat committers. At
> least one of the volunteers needs to be a PMC member.
> My outline plan at the moment is something like:
> - Set up the test signing service
> - Figure out how to sign our Windows installer
> - Script the process
> - Get volunteer one (who will have RM permissions) to do a test release
> - Get volunteer two (who will have PMC permissions) to approve the test
> release for signing
> The idea is that any committer can be a release manager and upload a
> release for signing but only a PMC member can approve the upload for
> signing. Figuring out if that process is workable is part of the trial.

In theory, I'm willing to be a guinea pig's guinea pig. I've never
rolled a release before. I do have Crossover (i.e. Wine) available on my
Mac and some Windows VMs but I don't have any Windows-build capabilities
-- at least not right now.

Can I still be helpful?


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