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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Code signing trial - volunteers wanted
Date Wed, 18 Dec 2013 00:24:30 GMT
The infrastructure team is about to start a trial of a code signing
service provided by Symantec. Tomcat is going to be the guinea pig for
this trial. As part of the trial we want to test the mapping of the
roles in the service to the roles at the ASF. We are therefore looking
for two volunteers. Both volunteers need to be Tomcat committers. At
least one of the volunteers needs to be a PMC member.

My outline plan at the moment is something like:
- Set up the test signing service
- Figure out how to sign our Windows installer
- Script the process
- Get volunteer one (who will have RM permissions) to do a test release
- Get volunteer two (who will have PMC permissions) to approve the test
release for signing

The idea is that any committer can be a release manager and upload a
release for signing but only a PMC member can approve the upload for
signing. Figuring out if that process is workable is part of the trial.

Thanks in advance,


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