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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Time for 8.0.0-RC6
Date Mon, 09 Dec 2013 10:34:53 GMT
It has been a while (again much longer than I really wanted) since
8.0.0-RC5 so I think it is time for RC6.

I'm running the unit tests now and (if they all pass) I plan to tag RC6
later today.

I am expecting that this will be the last RC. All the planned major
refactorings are complete. The outstanding items are:
- explore the possibility of refactoring the data formatting
- look again at the remaining circular dependencies with Structure 101
- DBCP 2.0
- enhancements

I don't expect any of these to require major changes so assuming no
major problems are reported with RC6, I plan to produce 8.0.0 (hopefully
a beta, might still be alpha) shortly after RC6.


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