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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: Rough plan for Tomcat 8
Date Sat, 16 Nov 2013 07:29:01 GMT
"Rémy Maucherat" <> wrote:
>2013/11/15 Mark Thomas <>
>> The major refactorings planned for 8.0.x are complete. There are a
>> minor refactorings that can either done before the first stable
>> or (if they turn out to be a little bigger) left until 9.0.x.
> Cool. Since there was never a 7.1, I suppose there will be no 8.1
>but instead feature additions here and there in the 8.0 branch ?

My personal preference is to add features to 8.0.x but an invasive new feature or a significant
delay in Java EE 8 are two things that would make an 8.1.x branch more likely. At this point
most of the ideas I have are more around refactoring than new features and those could wait
until 9.0.x

On a related note, when I ran the unit tests last night I saw a couple of intermittent failures
that I'd like to try and get to the bottom of before tagging the next RC.


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