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Subject [Bug 55735] Additional quote entity in html element attribute evaluated in tagx if attribute contains EL expression
Date Sat, 02 Nov 2013 10:28:49 GMT

--- Comment #1 from ---
Um... it seems JSP spec doesn't clarify the behavior at all...

But XSLT does. If we "borrow" rules from XSLT, then some correct examples could
be (text="2 > 1"):

tagx/jspx:  <div title="&quot;${text}&quot;">ABCD</div>
output:     <div title="&quot;2 &amp;gt; 1&quot;">ABCD</div>

tagx/jspx:  <div>&quot;<c:out value="&amp;nbsp;${text}&quot;"
output:     <div>&quot;&nbsp;2 &gt; 1"</div>

But XSLT doesn't allow expressions in template text, thus, what can be the
correct result generated by the following example?

tagx/jspx:  <div>&quot;${text}&quot;</div>

Should it be
output:     <div>&quot;2 &amp;gt; 1&quot;</div>
output:     <div>"2 &gt; 1"</div>
output:     <div>&quot;2 &gt; 1&quot;</div>
output:     <div>"2 &amp;gt; 1"</div>


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