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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Tomcat 8 plans
Date Fri, 01 Nov 2013 12:54:19 GMT
Now 8.0.0-RC5 is out and the WebSocket implementation seems to be fairly
stable, I plan to start work on the next stage of the resources
refactoring which will focus on the class loader.

The rough outline of what I plan to do is:
- Add methods that only return class loader resources (i.e. anything in
  WEB-INF/classes or in a JAR in /WEB-INF/lib) to the WebResourceRoot
- Add an option to track InputStreams obtained from a WebResource that
  haven't been closed.
- Refactor the web application class loader to use these methods which
  - reduce the need to use caching in the web application class loader
  - simplify the resource look up code in the class loader
  - remove the need for the anti JAR locking option
  - remove the need to extract JARs into the work directory when the
    WAR is not unpacked

I hope to have this work completed early next week and plan to produce a
new RC as soon as it is done.

In other news, Commons Pool 2 is close to a release so Tomcat 8 will be
updated to use that release as soon as it becomes available.

The remaining issues I'd like to resolve before dropping the RC status
for Tomcat 8 are:
- based the build on a release of Commons DBCP 2
- complete the TLD refactoring


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