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From Adib Saikali <>
Subject Re: Proposal for a more flexible tomcat embedding api
Date Wed, 09 Oct 2013 15:36:38 GMT
I am creating the API in such a way that if an attribute was added to the 
component but not to the builder API the user of the API should be 
able to participate in the creation of the underlying tomcat component 
object and override its setting. They would have to write more code but 
could account for properties that are left out of the builder API. And when 
that happens the Java doc will encourage them to file a bug report to 
add the missing attributes to the builder api.

I want a version 1.0 of the builder api to work with no changes to the existing 
tomcat apis. However, I am sure I will run into situations where changes to API 
might make the implementation easier, and or could be good cleanups for the 
tomcat itself, in which case I will open bug reports in bugzilla and explain issues
so that they can be handled in the normal course of tomcat development.

On 2013-10-09, at 6:59 AM, Mark Thomas <> wrote:

> On 09/10/2013 04:24, Adib Saikali wrote:
> <snip/>
>> 1. Has anyone already done such as API?
> I'm not aware of any.
>> 2. Would the tomcat committers accept an implementation of this proposal into 
>> the tomcat distribution ? 
> The main question for me is maintainability and how much work would be
> required to handle any new attributes added to a component.
>> 3. there still time to include such an API in tomcat 8?
> The deadline depends on what API changes would be required to Tomcat. It
> looks like none so could be added at any point.
>> 4.  Is there any chance that such a jar would be included in the core tomcat 7 
>> distribution as an add on jar in a future 7.x point release?
> Again, it depends on the required API changes. The fewer the changes the
> greater the chance of inclusion.
> Mark
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