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Subject [Bug 55511] Reduce contention on WebappClassLoader
Date Mon, 02 Sep 2013 20:43:42 GMT

--- Comment #4 from Konstantin Kolinko <> ---
>   @Override
> - public synchronized Class<?> loadClass(String name, boolean resolve)
> + public Class<?> loadClass(String name, boolean resolve)

The method that is overridden here is marked as synchronized in
java.lang.ClassLoader in Java 6. Thus it is synchronized in Tomcat as well.

That method is not synchronized in Java 7, but as far as I remember, you need
to jump through some hoops such as "registerAsParallelCapable()" to make use of
parallel execution. See discussion in bug 48903 (esp. comments 2 and 6).

Discussion in issue 48903 was three years ago when Java 7 was still beta. I am
not aware of what is the current state of affairs in that API.

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