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From Konstantin Kolinko <>
Subject Re: JK support for IPV6
Date Wed, 04 Sep 2013 13:30:21 GMT
2013/9/4 Mladen Turk <>:
> Hi,
> I'll be working on IPV6 support for mod_jk so hopefully we'll have
> a working solution next week.
> There is a patch in that direction (bz #44290) but it has few problems.
> Patch removes using APR, but that's easily solvable.
> However major question is how to preserve existing configuration
> backward compatibility where IPV4 is favored over IPV6.
> In part of comment to #44290 I gave two options
> a) Have a new worker attribute
> = ....
> b) Use double colon in front of hostname
> = ::my-ipv6-server
> For numeric hostnames that easy by just parsing
> hexadecimal + colon for IPV6 and decimal + dot for IPV6
> Next, do we need something for java side? Are the java connectors
> capable of listening to IPV6 addresses?

I wonder how others, e.g. httpd, deal with this. From a quick look,
there are no 'v6' directives.

'Listen' directive accepts either IPv4 or IPv6 address,
with latter one always having a pair of square brackets.

> Listen
> Listen [2001:db8::a00:20ff:fea7:ccea]:80

mod_proxy can use hostnames (e.g. in BalancerMember directive), but
there are no IPv6 examples there.

If an IP address is used then it should be clear whether it is an IPv4
or IPv6 one. (I think IPv6 IP addresses should be in square brackets,
per RFC3986)

An ambiguity is only if a hostname is used. Do you propose the prefix
for hostnames only, not numeric IP addresses?

Best regards,
Konstantin Kolinko

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