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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Problem with o.a.c.webresources and packed WARs
Date Fri, 13 Sep 2013 13:16:04 GMT
I started to look at Bug 52489 [1] which is requesting code signing
support for WARs. I decided to work with an unpacked version of the
examples application. During testing, I noticed that WEB-INF/classes and
WEB-INF/lib were always being unpacked to the work directory.

As well as looking to be unnecessary, always unpacking WEB-INF/classes
and loading the classes from the work directory makes it possible to
bypass any signature checks that are added to the WAR. Therefore, I
removed the code that extracted WEB-INF/classes and added a TODO to do
the same for WEB-INF/lib. [2]

I wanted to be sure that there wasn't a good reason for extracting
WEB-INF/classes so I did some more testing. It was at this point I
discovered a much bigger issue. When packed, URLs to the JARs inside the
WAR look like this:

If you obtain a JarFile from this URL, it is for examples.war rather
than standard.jar. In short, jar URLs are not designed / intended /
implemented to support access of JARs inside WARs (which are just JARs
with a different name). This creates a number of issues internally
within Tomcat as URLs are often used to refer to resources.

I started to work-around this by implementing a third version of
o.a.t.util.scan.Jar - FileUrlNestedJar. This overcame the first few
obstacles but I then quickly reached the point where it was going to be
necessary to modify o.a.jasper.compiler.JarResource. It would be
necessary to remove all the current methods on that interface and
replace them with something that worked with these 'nested' JARs -
probably something that provided access to the input stream.

Before starting on what looked to be a fair amount of work, I wanted to
think about the problem more widely. At the back of my mind was the fact
that I removed the Tomcat specific jndi url scheme that was previously
used for accessing resources.

The Javadoc for ServletContext#getResource() [3] is clear. The container
must provide a URL for every resource and that URL must be usable. There
is an immediate issue with resources located inside the
META-INF/resources directory of a JAR which is itself located inside a
WAR when unpacking WARs is disabled. There is no support from the JRE
for accessing those resources with a URL.

I see three possible solutions to this:
a) Unpack JAR resources to the work dir and return a URL to the unpacked
b) Restore something like the jndi url scheme (renamed to tomcat to
reduce the likelihood of clashes)
c) Create a war url scheme only for accessing resources inside WARs

a) Strikes me as a bit of a hack and one that requires a writeable work
directory which might not always be available.

b) Would address a concern Konstantin raised with the new webresources
that once a URL had been obtained it bypassed the cache. On the down
side it is likely to be more work than c) to implement.

c) Would fix the issue at hand.

In trying to decide between b) and c) I came to the conclusion that it
would be better to keep the war:// url scheme and generic tomcat:// url
schemes separated even if we went for option b). Therefore, I intend to
go ahead with implementing c) and keep an eye on the users and dev list
to see if a case for implementing b) emerges.



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