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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: Manager look and feel
Date Mon, 26 Aug 2013 21:32:17 GMT

On 8/26/13 4:10 PM, Larry Shatzer, Jr. wrote:
> I was playing around with making the manager page look a bit more modern.
> (I see bug 55383, which is kinda related)...
> I whipped up a proof of concept with a static HTML page, using Bootstrap. I
> put it up on github, if anyone wanted to take a look:
> I'm not a bootstrap/css guy, and just copied an example bootstrap template,
> and some of the areas on the page need a bit of work. I just wanted to get
> a quick proof of concept, and solicet feedback before I spent a lot of time
> on it.

Would you be willing to produce some patches for Tomcat? (Either that or
teach me how to take stuff from github and apply it to Tomcat sources).
Note that the manager application really should not have any external
dependencies (e.g. Bootstrap source files loaded remotely) so we may
need to include some of their sources (yay! AL2.0!), or structure things
so that they look okay out of the box, but great if you install the
Bootstrap stuff yourself. The reason we can't just refer to (or whatever) is because not everyone
exposes their Tomcat installation to the Internet.

> I was also wondering if there was a reason why the manager servlet has the
> HTML inlined in the Java code, instead of using JSPs?

As dumb as it sounds this was probably done to limit the number of
moving parts in the manager application. IMHO, the manager application
(nay, all Tomcat-bundled applications) should be an example of clean
design and implementation using the appropriate technologies at hand.


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