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From Arjan Tijms <>
Subject Re: Consider support for the Servlet profile of JSR 196 (JASPIC) in Tomcat 7.0.x
Date Tue, 13 Aug 2013 21:58:52 GMT
markt wrote
>> we are contacting  standalone and EE web profile Servlet containers 
> [...]
> The has been very little demand from the Apache Tomcat user community to
> support the Java EE web profile.

I guess Ron meant Tomcat with the "standalone Servlet container" and didn't
ask for Tomcat to implement the EE web profile ;)

markt wrote
> JASPIC was on the TODO list for Tomcat 7 for a while but it dropped off
> because a) it wasn't a mandatory requirement for Servlet containers and
> b) there was very little (no references at all on the users list) for it.

Maybe the last point is because of the classic chicken & egg problem? People
are not writing portable authentication modules, since they know Tomcat
doesn't support them. Because of that few of them are being written and thus
other people do not ask for it.

As Ron already demonstrated a bit, the Servlet Profile of JASPIC should be
relatively easy to support. It's not a complete new feature with a lot of
code that has to be build into Tomcat (like e.g. supporting CDI would

Instead, it's doing something that Tomcat already does, but (more or less)
layering some standardized interfaces on top of that. In fact Tomcat's
( is not
that far away from a JASPIC implementation.

markt wrote
> You'd obviously get a very different reaction if the Servlet spec was
> going to
> require JSR 196 support.

Just out of curiosity, but what would you think the reaction might be if
that was going to happen?

Kind regards,
Arjan Tijms

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