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Subject [Bug 55166] schemaLocation references between servlet and jsp XSDs are invalid
Date Mon, 08 Jul 2013 01:07:00 GMT

--- Comment #11 from Jeremy Boynes <> ---
Created attachment 30567
Updated patch

This version assumes that the JSP XSDs can be moved to the same location as the
Servlet XSDs they have relative references too.

Updated the resolver to only require the systemIds specified in the spec docs.
These are used to resolve the initial schema and from there all relative
references are resolved as relative URIs.

Moved the XML identifiers from o.a.c.startup to o.a.tomcat to be part of the
API allowing them to be used from Jasper (which already depends on tomcat-api).
Moved the resolver to o.a.t.u.res so that it too could be shared (there may be
a better package for this but it seemed resource related).

Updated Digester to extend DefaultHandler2 with its built in implementations of
EntityResolver2 and Lexical handler. On WebXml, setPublicId() is now used only
for files with a <DOCTYPE> (2.2 and 2.3) whereas setVersion() is used for all
files using XmlSchema (2.4 and later) which means it can be simplified a

Added test/webapp-2.2 to confirm 2.2 version was still correctly detected and
added it to the other test cases using webapp-*.

This change is now starting to collide with my patch for 53737 and I'll ping
the dev list about how that could be combined.

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