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From Jeremy Boynes <>
Subject Re: Jasper improvements/XML handling
Date Mon, 08 Jul 2013 05:38:54 GMT
On Jun 25, 2013, at 10:44 PM, Jeremy Boynes <> wrote:

> I have been thinking about improvements to Jasper as well around better support for Servlet
3.0 concepts. One area would be decoupling it from Tomcat, bootstrapping using an SCI as hinted
in ContextConfig. I'd also be interested in improving the Ant task as well, such as support
for pre-compiling a separate package that would be treated as a web fragment (including web.xml-less
pre-compilation, generating a web-fragment.xml rather than a web.xml snippet or potentially
eliminating the XML entirely if the generated code can be annotated with @WebServlet).

I started on this and ended up with two patches that are converging. For 55166 (which started
out somewhere different), I have a patch to update local entity handling in Catalina's XML
parsing; for 53737, I started to have Jasper's translator rely only on the ServletContext
and not need to parse merged web.xml XML passed as a ServletContext attribute. These are converging
in a few areas.

Jasper's descriptor parser (used for web.xml and TLDs) can only validate DTD-based documents.
I opened 55212 about adding it. Such a fix could benefit from using the same resolver and
cached copies that Catalina does. This is less of an issue if Jasper uses the ServletContext
as it could rely on the container to parse/validate web.xml. It would still be needed if we
wanted JspC to validate files standalone but there is a separate ant task that can do that.

Another area of convergence is in parsing TLDs: currently both Catalina and Jasper do it,
differently. I believe Catalina only reads them to detect the Listeners they define and if
that's the case we could perhaps add a SCI to Jasper that handled all TLD functionality including
registering the listeners programmatically (at least that's what Servlet 8.3 implies) . That
would remove Catalina's dependency on web-jsptaglibrary*.xsd and on TLD-related classes. To
support validation though we would need to add the XSD-based validation in Jasper.

Finally, Jasper parses these documents first into DOM and the into its own version based on
TreeNode (this is separate from the parse tree used for actual JSPs). Jasper already depends
on tomcat-util for the JarScanner so could potentially use Digester for this in the same way
Catalina does. It would simplify the fragment merge logic in JspC if it could reuse what was
in Catalina's WebXml (something I'm hacking around in 53737 right now).  Alternatively, we
could still eliminate the intermediary DOM and TreeNode forms and use SAX or StAX to parse
directly into Jasper's objects - especially for TLDs where it is using the spec's classes
(TagLibraryInfo and TagInfo) as the model.

I'm planning on merging these two patches and pressing on with a converged solution, but probably
won't be able to do much until next weekend.

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