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From Jeremy Boynes <>
Subject Jasper improvements, was: Timeline for beginning EL 3.0 implementation?
Date Wed, 26 Jun 2013 05:44:23 GMT
On Jun 11, 2013, at 1:50 PM, Nick Williams <> wrote:
> Okay. One of many reasons I ask is that I still have it on my to-do to make some improvements
on the JSP compiler to support things like 1) precompiling all JSPs on deploy and 2) a better
Ant task. I don't know how much the EL changes might affect this JSP compilation (hopefully
it's fairly decoupled), and I'd like that to not seriously hinder any effort to back-port
my improvements to Tomcat 7. I'm wondering if this needs to move higher on my list and get
in before the EL changes. Any insight?

I have been thinking about improvements to Jasper as well around better support for Servlet
3.0 concepts. One area would be decoupling it from Tomcat, bootstrapping using an SCI as hinted
in ContextConfig. I'd also be interested in improving the Ant task as well, such as support
for pre-compiling a separate package that would be treated as a web fragment (including web.xml-less
pre-compilation, generating a web-fragment.xml rather than a web.xml snippet or potentially
eliminating the XML entirely if the generated code can be annotated with @WebServlet).
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