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From sebb <>
Subject Re: CVE-2013-1571, VU#225657
Date Wed, 19 Jun 2013 12:12:29 GMT
On 19 June 2013 13:03, Nick Williams <> wrote:
> On Jun 19, 2013, at 3:15 AM, Mark Thomas wrote:
>> On 19/06/2013 00:42, Nick Williams wrote:
>>> Oracle has announced a Javadoc vulnerability (CVE-2013-1571 [1],
>>> VU#225657 [2]) whereby Javadoc generated with Java 5, Java 6, or Java
>>> 7 < 7u25 is vulnerable to a frame injection attack. Oracle has
>>> provided a repair-in-place tool for Javadoc that cannot be easily
>>> regenerated, but is urging developers to regenerate whatever Javadoc
>>> they can using Java 7u25. For all practical purses, the vulnerability
>>> really only applies to publicly-hosted Javadoc, so the Javadoc in our
>>> existing Maven artifacts, downloads, and archived downloads really
>>> doesn't have to be worried about (not that we could do anything about
>>> it). My thoughts on this:
>>> 1) We should apply the repair-in-place tool ASAP to the Javadoc on
>>> the website for Tomcat 6 and Tomcat 7.
>> And Tomcat 5 and earlier. The javadoc for those isn't linked but remains available.
>> I'll get on to this now.
>>> 2) Future Tomcat 6 and 7 Javadoc should be generated with 7u25 or
>>> better.
>> Hmm. That will need some thought as the build needs to be run with the minimum Java
version required for that major version. Maybe we can just run the Javadoc part with a different
JDK. Either that, or run the fix tool over the result. This needs some investigation.

I'd recommend running the fix tool after running javadoc; it's quick
and the license looks OK to include in an SVN build tools area.

It's not just that you have to use Java 7, you have to use Java 7 u25 or later.
Can that be detected reliably?

> As long as Ant knows where to find the JDK (environmental variable or something) it can
generate Javadoc with Java 7 while Ant runs with Java 5/6. Ant does not have to run with Java
7. See the Ant documentation for the Javadoc task [1], refer to the "executable" attribute.
By default Ant looks for "javadoc" in the same JDK Ant as running under, but you can specify
a path to a different JDK using the executable attribute. Only downside is that the building
instructions will have to say that Java _ /and/ Java 7u25 are required to build, and that
a certain environmental variable has to exist pointing to the JDK7 installation. Might be
best to make this "conditional" so that it falls back to the default if it can't find Java
7 (makes it easier for home builders).
> [1]
>>> There will be no fix for Java 5 or 6. Thankfully, generating
>>> Javadoc using a different JDK than you used to compile is quite easy
>>> in both Maven and Ant. In fact, I personally prefer it that way,
>>> because the Javadoc is much more visually attractive in Java 7.
>> Hopefully it will be as simple as you suggest.
>>> I will file an issue about this two, but I wanted to go ahead and
>>> make the list aware.
>> Thanks,
>> Mark
>>> Nick
>>> [1]
>> [2]
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