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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Tomcat Wiki] Update of "FAQ/Developing" by BrianBurch
Date Tue, 04 Jun 2013 10:53:01 GMT
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The "FAQ/Developing" page has been changed by BrianBurch:

  ==== How do I remotely debug Tomcat using NetBeans? ====
- This answer assumes that you have correctly set up a [[|NetBeans]] project
and that you know how to use the !NetBeans debugger. If not, please go to
and read up on how to use !NetBeans and its debugger.
+ This answer assumes that you know how to work with a !NetBeans Project, and also how to
use the !NetBeans debugger. If not, please go to
and read up on how to use !NetBeans and its debugger.
+ Starting with Tomcat trunk revision 1484409, the Tomcat source includes Ant tasks to configure
your source directory as a !NetBeans Free-Form Project. After you have successfully run Ant
with the default build target (''deploy''), you can then run the ''ide-netbeans'' target.
This task will configure your sandbox copy of Tomcat so the source can be inspected, maintained
and debugged under the !NetBeans IDE. You should follow the detailed instructions in the README.txt
file that will have been installed in your new nbproject directory.
  Make sure that Tomcat is started in debug mode as described above, that your application
is deployed, and that the sources are all defined as resources in your application. If you
have a servlet or JSP file, set a breakpoint where you think a problem might be occurring.
Go to "Run->Attach Debugger". A dialog pops up to let you specify the following options:
@@ -111, +113 @@

  Note that !NetBeans has a second option -- you can debug JSP files and servlets locally
using a Tomcat server that is bundled with the IDE. When you debug a JSP file or servlet in
the IDE, the bundled Tomcat server automatically starts in debug mode, and the debugger connects
to it.
+ The Tomcat !NetBeans targets have not yet been back-ported to Tomcat 7. You can copy the
files from your copy of the trunk and they should only require minimal editing of paths to
work with older versions of Tomcat.
  === Other ===

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