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From Brian Burch <>
Subject Re: svn commit: r1484409 - in /tomcat/trunk: ./ res/ide-support/netbeans/ webapps/docs/
Date Tue, 21 May 2013 08:48:14 GMT
On 20/05/13 21:19, Mark Thomas wrote:
> On 20/05/2013 18:32, Brian Burch wrote:
>> On 20/05/13 12:16, Mark Thomas wrote:
>>> These files appear to be auto-generated based on input you have
>>> provided. The only content I'm concerned about are the comments. Are
>>> they all yours? If so, I'll just remove the NetBeans notice. If not,
>>> we'll need to remove any comments that aren't yours and the notice.
>> I cut'n'pasted the NOTICE into each of the files, then wrapped them in
>> the appropriate delimiters to render them as xml or Properties comments
>> as appropriate.
>> You are correct that the skeletons of the two xml files were
>> auto-generated based on my input, but they currently contain my attempt
>> at a NetBeans attribution for the following reasons:
>> ** project.xml is my adaptation of the default file created by NetBeans
>> for a Free Form project that does not already have one. The default
>> auto-generated file does NOT contain a NetBeans copyright notice, but it
>> does reference netbeans schemas and is, in my naive opinion, implicitly
>> copyrighted.
> NetBeans does not have any copyright in that project.xml.
> Any comments in the XSDs are copyrightable. If you strip out all the
> comments from the XSD what is left is not copyrightable. Copyright in
> any document that uses the XSD rests with the person that wrote the
> document (you).
>> ** nb-project.xml was created by me from scratch, but based on my
>> examination of the xml files NetBeans auto-generates to support a
>> project which needs to be built under a different jdk to the one
>> netbeans is running under (aka the default platform). I felt I had used
>> sufficient look-and-feel in my file that it would be honest to
>> acknowledge the work done by the NetBeans developers on the originals.
> The look and feel is driven as much by the requirements of having to
> conform to the XSD. For the same reasons as above, the only copyright in
> that file is yours.
> The notices, while well meaning, are a) unnecessary and b) likely to
> cause confusion for end users about how they are licensed.
> I'll remove the notices you added.

Thanks for explaining, Mark. Thanks also for taking the time to make the 

Thanks also to Konstantin for working through the content and 
standardising the terminology and filenames. I'll be more careful next time.

With respect to the three XSDs referenced in my project.xml, these urls 
all return 404 Not Found status. (I forget how many years ago I first 
discovered this).

While researching some of the problems I had developing a design for 
tomcat that actually worked, I found other people who had similar 
problems with their own Free Form projects. I never got to the bottom of 
it, but I formed the distinct impression that NetBeans has its own 
internal xml parser for these files, and it doesn't always work the way 
one might expect. Anyone looking closely at my initial version who 
wonders why something hasn't been done more elegantly should keep this 
in mind.


> Mark
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