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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: Automatic deployment changes
Date Fri, 17 May 2013 19:04:13 GMT
On 16/05/2013 21:50, Mark Thomas wrote:

The final (for now) changes are:

> 1. unpackWARs now applies to external WARs as well as WARs located in
> the Host's appBase.
> 2. If a WAR is modified (located in the Host's appBase or externally)
> and there is a context.xml file present in the Host's configBase (which
> there must be for external WARs) then Tomcat now reloads the web
> application rather than redeploys it as the Context configuration
> (defined in the context.xml file in the Host's configBase) hasn't changed.

3. A warning is generate if a DIR in the appBase is ignored because
there is a matching WAR and unpackWARs==false.

4. Adding an XML or WAR when just a DIR exists will trigger a redeploy.
If a WAR is added and unpackWARs==true, the DIR will be replaced.

5. If a WAR or DIR is added to an XML, a reload will occur and the
failed context will start serving content provided by the WAR/DIR.

> I currently believe that all of the above changes would be safe to
> back-port to Tomcat 7.
> The expected behaviour is documented at [1].

I believe that the test cases are complete.

> Now is a good time to start trying to break the automatic deployment
> code. Any testing, review of the changes, comments on the defined
> behaviour etc. are welcome.

I plan to let this bed in for a while before back-porting the HostConfig
and ContextConfig changes to 7.0.x.


> [1]

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