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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: WebSockets in Tomcat 8 (proxy support and ssl handshake)
Date Fri, 17 May 2013 12:35:55 GMT
On 17/05/2013 13:07, Niki Dokovski wrote:
> Hi,
> Developing some sample apps with websockets and tomcat 8 revealed two
> issues I’d like to discuss here.
> 1.       There is no proxy support in the implementation of
> WebSocketContainer.connectToServer calls. While playing around with the
> code it was relatively easy to add this in the implementation with simple
> consideration of http.proxyHost and xxxxPort system properties; replacing
> host and port values which were obtained from path method parameter and
> making initial HTTP CONNECT message to the proxy. In this case, do you
> think we can add proxy support here? I was thinking how to provide some
> kind of automation test as well, but no luck so far.

Personally I dislike the global nature system properties for
configuration unless they are absolutely the only option.

Since the WebSocket API has no way of setting a proxy at the moment,
system properties might be the only choice :(

This is an issue you should raise with the WebSocket EG group. I suggest
opening a Jira to request proxy support in a future version.

> 2.       So when I got my proxy tunneling in place (with the CONNECT http
> request) I hit a tougher problem with SSL handshake implementation in
> WebSocketSslHandshakeThread. The SSL handshake was successful while I was
> stepping with the debugger through the code and failed when I  run the
> test. It should be some timing issue. This bit needs more debugging. Have
> you seen this before?

No, but the SSL support for WebSocket clients hasn't been heavily used
yet so there could still be some bugs to iron out. If you haven't
already, take a look at


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