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From Rainer Jung <>
Subject Re: Problem with (1.2.37) on iPlanet 7.0.15 and Solaris 11
Date Thu, 02 May 2013 18:30:55 GMT
On 02.05.2013 18:46, Andy Wang wrote:
> I've also confirmed that PR_PRIORITY_HIGH also fails but
> I'm pushing oracle to accept that is is a bug.  It is completely
> inappropriate for what appears to be a perfectly proper constant,
> SYSTHREAD_DEFAULT_PRIORITY, to map to something ilegal on Solaris 11.

Especially since the nsapi docs for systhread_start only tell us that
the prio is an int depending on the platform and the only other source
of information, nsapi.h only contains a single defined prio, which is

The other constants PR_PRIORITY_... are defined in nspr/prthread.h and
are enum elements of type PRThreadPriority which formally don't qualify
as arguments to

systhread_start(int prio, int stksz, void (*fn)(void *), void *arg)

which needs an int.

> Do you guys think this is worth a bugzilla report to track and consider
> changing jk_nsapi_plugin.c to use the NSPR PR_PRIORITY_* values or is it
> better to wait and see if Oracle fixes their code?

I'm still not fully convinced, that PR_PRIORITY_* is correct and isn't
just working because PR_PRIORITY_NORMAL=1 is such a low number.

When you use PR_PRIORITY_NORMAL, can you see which priority the created
thread actually has? Probably using truss, since I think the thread
doesn't live long enough to be observable using "ps" with the "-L" flag
for threads and adding "pri" to the output format.

Nevertheless opening a bugzilla seems to be OK for tracking our progress
on this and making the problem publicly available. We might later decide
on resolving it as invalid though ;)

> The response times I'm getting from them aren't great and they haven't
> acknowledged my requests that this be considered a bug the 2 or 3 times
> I've asked.

Well known problem, though I'm positively surprised you got such a
technically precise answer.



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