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From Björn Raupach <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] jdbc-pool | FairBlockingQueue
Date Sat, 25 May 2013 09:05:47 GMT
Hi Chris,

thank you for your answer. Will do. :-)

kind regards,

On May 24, 2013, at 23:10 , Christopher Schultz <> wrote:

> Björn,
> On 5/24/13 4:08 PM, Björn Raupach wrote:
>> out of pure curiosity I was browsing the source of jdbc-pool and
>> ended up looking through FairBlockingQueue. FairBlockingQueue
>> utilises a global ReentrantLock for mutual exclusion. Common practice
>> is to always follow a call to lock with a try-finally block. The
>> methods poll(long, TimeUnit), pollAsync() don't use that practice. I
>> was wondering why. Attached is modified version of FairBlockingQueue.
>> I know FairBlockingQueue is a sensitive part of jdbc-pool and I am
>> certainly not trying to smart ass. Its just interest and probably
>> only a minor issue.
> Your attachment has been stripped from the list. It's best to attach
> patches to Bugzilla entries, but I'd wait and see if anyone objects to
> the idea before filing the bug.
> If you can write a test that demonstrates a bug, that would be even
> better... "bug fixes" that come from pure code-reviews tend to be viewed
> skeptically around here, though this one seems to theoretically lead to
> deadlock.
> If it can theoretically lead to deadlock, can you force a situation
> where it *actually* leads to deadlock (or some other unfortunate condition)?
> -chris

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