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Subject [Bug 54882] HttpServletRequest.getRequestURI() returns also fragment
Date Wed, 24 Apr 2013 09:52:37 GMT

--- Comment #3 from Mark Thomas <> ---
Generally, Tomcat doesn't provide work-arounds for bugs in third-party software
components unless all of the following conditions have been met:
a) The issue affects a large proportion of the Tomcat user base
b) The issue has a significant negative impact on users of affected
c) An application level work-around is not viable
d) The issue has been reported to the vendor of the third-party software
e) The vendor of the third-party software has indicated that a fix will not be
available for an extended period of time (many months)

In this case my current view of the above is:
a) Not demonstrated. Tomcat hasn't handled fragments for as long as I can
remember. The only reference I can find in the archives was a query on the
users list as to why the server wasn't seeing the fragment.
b) Not demonstrated.
c) A Filter could fix this.
d) Not demonstrated.
e) Not demonstrated.

There have been cases where we have provided a work-around but they are few and
far between. At the moment this bug is heading towards being closed as INVALID
or maybe WONTFIX.

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