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Subject [Bug 54552] Completed Servlet 3.1 spec for changeSessionId, HttpSessionIdListener
Date Tue, 12 Feb 2013 16:52:29 GMT

--- Comment #10 from Nick Williams <> ---
Created attachment 29943
Revised diff with extra whitespace removed

I hadn't noticed notifySessionListenersOnReplication. I have revised the
DeltaManager to take that into consideration before notifying

I see what my problem was with validation, now. My execute.validate=true was
being overridden by an execute.validate=false later in the file. Should have
looked for that. I'm kind of surprised that y'all don't allow blank lines
between code groups to contain tab-spaces to be in line with the rest of the
code. It seems such a trivial thing. Your website says "Apache Tomcat has very
loosely defined coding conventions" (and doesn't mention anything about blank
lines/whites paces), but I would not call that "loose" :-P. But, whatever the
rules, my diff complies now, as requested.

By the way, webapps\docs\jasper-howto.xml that was just checked in failed the
validate test. After fixing all of my code I had to disable validation to get
it to completely compile. :-)

I've attached the updated diff with the extra whitespace removed and
notifySessionListenersOnReplication taken into consideration.

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